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Notably cast in the third installment of the Beverly Hills Cop franchise, actress, author and Schaul PR client Tracy Melchior has jumped behind the camera in addition to hosting ’cause-driven’ and captivating documentary motion pictures. The TV veteran has ‘hit the ground running’ as an activist and producer of her own television and film production company.

Melchoir is perhaps most recognized for her roles in popular daytime dramas, appearing worldwide on television screens 5 days a week for nearly two decades Undoubtedly, her media presence warrants recognition as a household name, as does her alter ego’s! The wife and mom says, “Without blinking, I still answer to “Kristen Forrester” at the grocery store.”


Adored by fans, the author and actress from The Bold & The Beautiful is admired and respected by her peers in the Entertainment Industry. She’s unassuming but more than bold and obviously ‘movie star beautiful’!!  Readers may remember her compelling and controversial interview with Larry King years ago. The actress talked at length about her book and discussed her humble begingings with the legendary host of Larry King Live. But what made the biggest impression on viewers, and lingered long after the CNN interview aired, was discussion about gender equality in Hollywood, which Melchoir broached long before the #MeToo hashtag was a thing. – Jordan Carlton Schaul (Schaul PR)

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As a producer, Melchior brings her tenacious work ethic and her spiritual and faith-based convictions in front of and behind the camera with the recent launch of launch of C IT Productions, which more than explores and informs us about pressing societal issues and current events facing this country. Through riveting cinematography and substantive and captivating subject matter Melchior aims to influence as many as she can.

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