General services for prospective clients:

We offer an assortment of services that collectively and synergistically enhance brand identity, recognition, and reach for our clients. This is not an exhaustive list, but rather one tailored to the needs of a typical client. Some of you may already have a landing page or a monetized website with integrated social apps. In that event, we conduct an audit to see where we can help boost SEO and pursue more online and offline monetization opportunities for your brand.

Website development & content curation:
We create websites, which include e-commerce plugin integration for monetizing web-based media. A plugin is proprietary web software that adds functionality to specific website platforms.

Social app monetization:

Event merchandising:
We develop and integrate web media sponsorship through commission-based affiliate marketing. This entails hyperlinking/crosslinking URLs to a network of companies in the client’s ecosystem, affiliate sponsorship (e.g. Google Adsense), and advertisements.

We help develop and integrate curricula (plugins are available for monetizing online coursework).

We create Paywall and members-only content (articles, promotional materials (contests, calendars, etc).

Indirect (Publicity):
We pitch, write, and edit articles for clients to increase exposure and build social capital. We also collaborate or publish on our own platforms. We pitch to journalists. We develop press kits, post blogs, and position clients as journalistic contributors in the capacity of a subject expert.

Digital/online reputation management:
We create and curate Wikipedia, Knowledge Google Panels, IMDb, and misc. online biographical content.

Speaking engagements:
We pitch local and national 

Podcast/social audio and web radio hosting:
We frequently use our social platforms to offer exposure to clients from celebrities to content experts.

Conventional and new media engagements:
We pitch television, radio, web, podcasts, and social audio (Twitter Spaces, Clubhouse, LinkedIn social audio).

Book reviews:

Pitch decks:
We develop pitch decks for multimedia publication editing.

Editing & ghostwriting:

We match clients with corporate and nonprofit entities for promotions, including non-profit board directorships and advisory positions.
Representation recruitment:
We match artist clients with managers, agents, authors, and other public figures seeking management representation.

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