Baywatch Babe & Playboy Centerfold Barbara Moore Joins 👧🏻👩🏿👱🏻‍♀️ Playmates 4 A Peaceable Planet 🐾🌏👣 As Chief Branding Officer

Playmates 4 A Peaceable Planet: A Tribute to Healing, Heroes & Hugh Hefner


Playboy Playmates are among the most recognized and captivating social influencers on the planet. Having lent their names, celebrity and voices to environmental, human and animal causes around the world for generations, Playmates are undoubtedly living legends.

With enduring humility and gratitude and grace, they continue to serve officially as ambassadors and unofficially as emissaries of an iconic brand under the auspices of Playboy Enterprises.

As Centerfolds, these women have served as lifelong signature and flagship spokesmodels for the galactically-renowned lifestyle and entertainment publication Playboy. Without exception these women experienced overnight fame and witnessed perpetually growing fan bases.

Suzi Simpson & Julie Cialini

Playmates are perfectly poised and ideally suited to engage a sophisticated readership, drawing attention to pressing issues of the free world and the plight of human and animal kind.

Pictured above is model, actress and mom Miss January 1992 (AKA Suzi Simpson). The environmentalist and naturopath known for her biomedical intellect comes from a family of physicians and has a daughter heading to medical school.

Envoys of Playmate “alumni” continue to preserve the legacy of a diverse and evolving brand, drawing attention to current and emerging social and geopolitical issues, and lifting the spirits of suffering and struggling humans and animals the world over. But beyond charity and corporate responsibility, these goodwill ambassadors also represent progressive working moms and wives.

With an impressive acumen for companion animal husbandry and clinical care, 1995’s Playmate of the Year Julie Cialini took a break from parenting her family of hairless Sphynx cats to participate in a celebrity endorsement tour. She joined myself and actress Charlotte Ross to promote a unique conservation breeding program for endangerered lesser apes at California’s Gibbon Conservation Center.


To a Playboy Playmate, charity is a lifestyle. Busy with growing families of their own and with mainstream or less conventional careers, these empowered women continue to pursue and embrace activism and advocacy on a multitude of fronts.

Their social reach and the timeless popularity conferred to Playmate alumni is really unprecedented for corporate brand ambassadorships.

Barbara Moore


97E420EE-0D43-47EC-B4CC-598CAE4853D7Last and by no means least, I want to introduce Playmates 4 A Peaceable Planet’s Chief Branding Officer. Another high achieving Playmate alumn, actress and model Barbara Moore has wowed Playboy subscribers as one of the most popular Playmates of all time.

Barbara was introduced to the US readership as the publication’s Centerfold for the month of December 1992.  Overnight popularity has lead to subsequent features.

She is an ambassador for Beauty Saving the World (BSW) and in this gripping interview she discusses parenthood and an exciting life journey (

Of note, the model-turned-actress was cast in the coveted role of lifeguard in the NBC hit series Baywatch. Now in syndication, the program is one of the most viewed in television history, and “Baywatch Babes”  now include a roster of many glamorous icons with male and female fans on multiple continents.

BA58A92F-88EF-48E9-90FC-1715173CC7B9While Moore earned the distinction as a notable alumn through ambassadorships with two of the most iconic media entertainment brands in the world, her on-camera credits can’t be overstated. Beginning her acting career with roles on Primetime TV, she diversified her filmography with mega-feature film credits like her role as a fembot in the super huge Austin Powers (Mike Myers) franchise. Installments of the spectacularly outrageous and successful box office hit propelled Playboy Playmates like Moore and a selection of feature celebrity models, also with dual credentials (e.g. Cindy Margolis), to unprecedented heights in global popularity.

Clearly, the fembots have added to their respective followings by association with the International Man of Mystery. Barbara jokes that her fame as a fembot now rivals her popularity as a Playmate. The current wherabouts of Moore and her cohort of blonde and lethal operators, are chronicled in this press update:

But her appearance in the outrageous spy comedy is just more indication substantiating just how an affiliation with Playboy catapults one to remarkable fame. And all this follows an entirely different career aspiration, which serves as a testament to her ambition and discipline. After Playboy, the model, actress and spokesperson became a professional ballroom dancer and instructor. And on top of that she was a two-time Pro-Am Ballroom Dance Champion.


E2CB6630-F475-476E-B7B5-5E1D0F4EE541When I asked Barbara who has been highly visible as an emissary for Playboy, to help advance initiatives for this emerging brand—Playmates 4 A Peaceable Planet—she said, “It is timely because as a mother in this tumultuous world of uncertainty, it is important to teach our daughters respect for womanhood, and to embrace our femininity, and empower ourselves in numbers.

Speaking on behalf of this auxiliary “Playmate” brand, she said, “While Jordan endearingly jokes that he is a fan of the Playmate Class of 92, the year he graduated from University School for Boys, no less (laughing), I agree with his sentiment. Playboy has offered all of us tremendous opportunities to not only leverage careers in show business, but to help those less fortunate. And Playmates 4 A Peaceable Kingdom gives us an opportunity to explore more ways to do so.

Never forgetting who and what gave them a platform and a voice, Playmates are consummate brand ambassadors celebrating the life and illustrious career of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner at every opportunity.

Playmates 4 A Peaceable Planet is a tribute and legacy campaign intended to honor and curate the lifelong philanthropy and visionary corporate responsibility instilled in the Playboy family by founder Hugh Hefner. It is a virtual space dedicated to exploring current issues and fostering opportunity to raise awareness, promote tolerance and serve people and animals and a planet in need. As of this post, half of the members are Playmates

Hugh M. Hefner

1EE1F374-B908-455D-93F2-7784A5E18C1D Hugh Hefner may be most known for creating a publication, which challenged contemporary ideologies. With perhaps tempered audacity, the Editor-in-Chief encouraged a global readership to rethink and challenge gender relations and cultural norms, and this precipitated a sexual revolution.

At a higher elevation, Hefner shaped perceptions and revisited perspectives, prompting us to recalibrate our values. He paved the way for other trendsetters to take risks and breach boundaries, and embrace new frontiers challenging social paradigms and conventions in popular culture. He not only pushed the envelope with regularity, but he confronted controversy with eager curiosity and unprecedented courage and class.

Hugh Hefner loved animals, but was not widely known as an environmental steward. Foor example, few know that he contributed to a restoration program for a locally extirpated wildlife population well before wildlife conservation had become popularized. He funded a restoration program for an endangered subspecies of rabbit, which I featured in this 2012 article:

Hefner embraced global movements aimed at healing the planet and understood capacity building in developing nations before such endeavors were considered trendy to support (or even part of conventional vernacular).

Indeed, Hugh Hefner was a heroe, challenging convention and revolutionizing world views, but perhaps most importantly, like the Playmates he made legendary,  Hef inspired others to challenge convention in social, geopolitical and environmental arenas. And it is in this regard, his profound influence on life on Earth may be unrivaled.

As widely recognized brand ambassadors, Playmates include well-known animal activists and aficionados. I hope with their enterprising spirit and tenacious ambition, catapulted first by their association with Playboy, they can continue to foster a legacy of change for the greater good.