Starstruck Online™

What We Offer
As digital publicists to celebrity and public figure,
we do more than just curate the web presence of public figures and
provide them with online reputation coaching and consultation.

Our focus is creating, formatting and editing content on existing
exclusive platforms like Wikipedia. In addition, we create digital
content.  We pride ourselves as being versatile, nimble and exceedingly
adept at understanding your industry culture.

  We are researchers, first and foremost, in addition
to professional writers. This affords us a sensitivity to
the communicative cultures of a diversity of  distinguished
and notable professions representing a
multitude of industries—not just entertainment.

We develop and manage IMDb pages, inclusive
of all credited  filmography.

Popular Writing
We offer web writing / content
services, as well as editorial features and SEO-friendly
press releases preparation,

We research, write, upload and publish entries.
Our clients include prominent individuals from an array of
professions. Included are prominent attorneys, physicians,
allied health professionals, scientists, professors, writers, ranking military officers, ranking public law enforcement officials, corporate
executives, models, athletes, and actors, etc. We also create entries
for notable for-profit and non-profit businesses. 

Social Media
We create engaging social media pages for people and
businesses and assist with verification. In addition, we develop,
integrate and manage social media accounts in conjunction with your
website such that all your “WEB PR” tools are integrated. 

Client Relations
Our regard and appreciation for high-profile clients
dictates an adherence to unwavering confidentiality, respectful
privacy and tailored accommodations. In terms of client relations,
we are pride ourselves on being exceptionally attentive, polished,
personable and consummately responsive. 

We are also audaciously ambitious and confident and continue to utilize best evidence-based industry practices. We also think outside- the box, which  explains ouch niche clientele demographic.