“I Like White Trash Cooking” -Orson Bean (& Me)

By Jordan Schaul (DrJordanSchaul.com | Schaulpr.com) I was thinking of and missing my late friend Orson Bean. Bean was tragically hit and killed by car in Venice on February 7th in freak and horrible accident. Bean was 91 years young. The Hollywood legend was a polished and classy renegade, regarded as much for is extemporaneous […]

Ori Spado Pays Homage to Big Joey Pyle

By Dr. Jordan Carlton Schaul (Schaul PR) Touted as the “Original Teflon Don”, Joey Pyle was a close friend of Ori Spado (aka The Hollywood Fixer). Pyle, a London-based gangster, was feared and undoubtedly respected in the UK and across the pond. While perhaps not as famous as some other British mobsters Joey Pyle was, […]