Ori Spado Pays Homage to Big Joey Pyle

By Dr. Jordan Carlton Schaul (Schaul PR)

Touted as the “Original Teflon Don”, Joey Pyle was a close friend of Ori Spado (aka The Hollywood Fixer). Pyle, a London-based gangster, was feared and undoubtedly respected in the UK and across the pond. While perhaps not as famous as some other British mobsters Joey Pyle was, by all means, a tried and true mob boss. He was also a chameleon of sorts.

To some, Pyle was deemed a gentleman and scholar (if not a genuine ‘people person’). To others, he was a gangster’s gangster. And finally, to some of his associates in the US like Ori Spado, he was what he needed to be when he needed to be.

Like many mobsters before him, Big Joey Pyle orchestrated and executed everything from racketeering and loansharking to assault and murder. Almost 13 years ago today Joey Pyle, a former boxer and a friend of rival London gangs, was laid to rest

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One response to “Ori Spado Pays Homage to Big Joey Pyle”

  1. What true words from a man that was raised and born in the Hart of LONDON and lived in the environment of the hard life with great respect to all the people he grew up with and worked a Lond side with ‘ speaking from his heart and mind & his belief in the right way of life ! Watched and lessoned to every word he said ! Reality’ ! And censer words that hit my mind and heart .. god bless you and may he treat you well ‘as you did to others close to your heart and soul .wished this life time had more gentlemen like you in it now a days as a greater world & place it would be …Rest well mr J P & shine bright for the one’s you left behind 💯🙏🏿🙏🏿


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