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We offer an assortment of services that collectively and synergistically enhance brand identity, recognition, and reach for our clients. We help experts become recognized thought leaders through our strategic approach to building brands and curating public relations.

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“I really appreciate Jordan’s promptness and accommodation in his effort to manage some of my digital PR needs. Dr. Schaul not only writes stylistically in a way that serves my personal and professional brands, but he works well with my team to advance my online presence thoroughly and accurately for the benefit of public consumption, prospective clients, and other multimedia media platforms. An overall great guy!”
– Joey Jackson
Criminal Defense Attorney, CNN / HLN Legal Analyst, & former assistant district attorney (Manhattan District Attorney’s Office)

“Jordan and I have a lot in common, including affiliations with National Geographic’s multimedia and television divisions, and an alumnus of University School (Hunting Valley, Ohio). But my professional relationship with the zoologist-turned-publicist began with soliciting his help with digital branding.

Jordan has cultivated a niche serving the image-management needs of performing artists as well as news media professionals and TV personalities like myself. The ‘wordsmith artist’ advances our personal brands and our wider online presence through social and biographical platforms.

As a reporter and anchor here in Los Angeles, I rely on Jordan’s skills in digital platform editing/curating to keep my brand current and engaging, and consistent across select platforms. He’s talented at it because he’s a thorough researcher, as well as a pop science and pop culture writer.

Dr. Schaul now works largely as a talent manager/publicist representing actors and media personalities. So he’s particularly sensitive to the responsiveness and discretion required to work with public figures.”
– Robert Kovacik
Emmy Award-Winning Investigative Journalist, NBCLA Reporter & Anchor, & Past President of the LA Press Club

“Jordan has created multiple websites for our company and some of our musicians and actors. He thinks outside the box and works unbelievably fast. He understands our branding needs and that of our clientele. He is also our go-to strategist for PR initiatives because he understands the entertainment industry as much as our consumer base.”
– Ivy Lundeen
Talent Manager & Former Music Executive


“I have been working with Jordan for a few months now to launch my new production company.   He has been very accessible and responds quickly to my requests.  He listens to my ideas and visions well and helps implement them.  His pricing is beyond fair for what he does.”
– Tracy Melchior
Actress, Director & Author

(Most known for The Bold & the Beautiful & Beverly Hills Cop)


“Copywriters are a dime a dozen, but finding one that can really capture who you are and tell your story in a powerful, concise way is not easy to find. Besides marketing savvy, Jordan is a scientist with degrees in psychology and biology and so he also brings expertise in my fields to his wordsmithing and copywriting skills!

He is a professional, but also fun to work with. From web copy to lead magnets to opt-in and more, he makes a process that is tedious for me, seem so easy —and he is super fast! He asks all the right questions and creates your story/message in such a clear and powerful way. He is no doubt my go-to from now on for messaging and copy!”
– Dr. Alison Mitzner, MD
Family Wellness & Fitness Expert
(Featured in Huff Post, Parents, Reader’s Digest, Today, CNN, NBC, FOX News, etc.)


“Jordan helped me revisit my brand, which is eclectic. I needed a publicist who has worked in different capacities in and outside of the entertainment industry. I’m most known as a model and actress, but I also had a career as a Pro-Am ballroom dancer and for three years have hosted a podcast called Life, Laughter, Happiness. After helping with online reputation management and working to curate and promote my brand, he also helped my friend Lorenzo Lamas curate some of his online content.”
– Barbara Moore
Actress, Model & US National Pro-Am Ballroom Dance Champion

(Most known for Tooken, Austin Powers, Baywatch & Married with Children)


“Jordan created a brand concept and logo for my brand “Joanna M.B.A.” I have a full-time job and professional career but asked Jordan to help me launch my ambitious foray into entrepreneurship with his insight into social impact brand development and long-term strategic planning. Initially, I asked him to address my need for a logo, but after patiently listening to my idea for a brand vision and mission, he helped me create and clarify a beautiful brand concept along with a logo that I truly adore. Thank you Dr. Jordan for assisting me and sharing your amazing marketing and PR skills. I cannot recommend you enough!”
– Joanna D., MBA

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